About the NSC

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Welcome to the Nuclear Science Center at Texas A&M University!

We are a multidisciplinary research and education center supporting basic and applied research in nuclear-related fields of science and technology and providing educational opportunities for students in these fields as a service to the public and The Texas A&M University System. We also provide services to commercial ventures and industry requiring irradiation, training, or isotope production services.

Our reactor is designed for optimal irradiation of various types of samples and is used to produce various radioisotopes for industry, medical and academic users. We are nationally recognized for our neutron activation analysis services to many research and academic institutions in the United States.

We support the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University,  the largest nuclear engineering program in the country. We serve about 80 nuclear engineering students each year through our teaching and research activities.

We have become one of the major tourist attractions at Texas A&M. In 2012 alone, we had over 1,700 visitors, including elementary, middle school and high school students; college students; university faculty members; and national laboratory and industry scientists and engineers. During these tours, we emphasize the importance of radiation science and nuclear energy in the United States.

With strong support from Texas A&M and the Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES), which operates the NSC, we are continuously increasing the diversity of our facilities and services. 

We hope you enjoy your visit to our site. Please feel free to contact us for more information, to set up a tour, or to start working with us!

Dr. Sean McDeavitt,