Student Job Opportunities


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Health Physics Trainees

All health physics trainees actively participate in the formal Nuclear Science Center Radioactive Shipper Training Program leading to qualify as a radioactive shipper. Trainees are required to successfully complete the requirements for radioactive shipper by the end of the regular semester (spring or fall) following the date of hire. Failure to meet these requirements will result in termination of employment.

Health physics trainees support equipment operation and care by assisting with calibration of detectors and detector systems; performance testing of detectors and detector systems; and operating detectors and detector systems for both safety and quantifying activity level of radioactive material.

Trainees assist in radiation-safety compliance issues, including documentation and radiation safety. Trainees also help maintain a safe workplace by assuring area postings are correct and that work is performed in accordance with radiation work permits, and by ensuring that proper radiation dosimeters are available and used. Finally, health physics trainees help maintain the facility by surveying and decontaminating work areas on a regular basis.

Trainees answer directly to the NSC radiological safety officer, the NSC health physics supervisor and the NSC duty health physicist.

Reactor Operator Trainees

All reactor operator trainees actively participate in the formal Nuclear Science Center Reactor Operator Training Program leading to a Nuclear Regulatory Commission-issued operator license. This program consists of a formal lecture series with scheduled progress exams and manipulations.

Reactor operator trainees prepare samples for irradiation, handle radioactive samples and perform other tasks related to serving users.

Trainees will answer to the Reactor Supervisor, the Manager of Operations and the Senior Reactor Operator on duty.