Facilities and Equipment


Irradiation cell with door closed

At one end of the reactor pool is a large room that allows dry irradiation of samples up to 20 feet long. Samples are only 3 inches from the operating reactor allowing maximum dry irradiation to ...  Read More

Examples of cans used for in-core irradiation samples

In-core irradiation devices allow for a variety of geometries, given the active region of the core is 15 inches long. The newest facility is our Very Large Long Tube, which can hold and rotate sa...  Read More


The radiochemistry lab has a handling cell to allow for remote handling of highly radioactive samples, a glove box for handling lower level samples in a contained environment, and several fume ho...  Read More

Close up of detector with sample on it

Samples may be quickly transferred between the reactor and the counting laboratory through a pneumatic transfer system. The counting lab contains 4 high-purity germanium (HPGe) detectors and adva...  Read More

Delayed neutron counting system

This system allows researchers to transfer samples into the core and then pneumatically receive the sample into a group of neutron detectors and begin counting instantly. Potential neutron countin...  Read More

TLD Oven

Labs and facilities are available for health physics training and instrumentation services. A calibration range along with a Cs-137 source can be used for gamma sensitive instrumentation calibrat...  Read More

View of the machine shop

On-site electronics and machine shops are available for custom fabrication of prototype equipment and electronics for researchers and students.  Oscilloscopes Advanced soldering equip...  Read More