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In-core irradiation devices

In-core irradiation devices allow for a variety of geometries, given the active region of the core is 15 inches long. The newest facility is our Very Large Long Tube, which can hold and rotate samples up to seven inches in diameter.

Other in-core irradiation devices include:

  • Long tubes
    • Internal diameter of 2.25 inches
  • Fast Flux Irradiation Device (FFID) is a boron-lined tube that provides fast neutrons relatively free of thermal neutrons.
    • One-inch diameter limit
  • Pneumatic devices
    • Allow for small samples to be put into and taken out of the core quickly.
  • Multiple Beam Ports are ideal for a variety of neutron beam work.
Photo of cans for in core irradiation

Examples of cans used for in-core irradiation samples